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March 2006


Across America public housing and redevelopment agencies provide a critical housing resource through their federally funded public housing, rental voucher and neighborhood revitalization programs. In order to continue providing the best affordable housing services, the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) has developed a Strategic Plan.

"We want to chart a successful course for this agency that will positively impact our residents, the organization and consequently our contributions to the future of this City. As we continue to discuss and review options for revitalizing neighborhoods and redeveloping public housing, we believe that a strategic plan will allow RRHA to best serve the needs of our residents, our many partners, taxpayers, the community and the City." said RRHA Executive Director Sheila Hill-Christian.


The development of the RRHA Strategic Plan included the review of many aspects of the Authority, such as an analysis of the external and internal environment of the Authority; reviewing the intent and mission of the agency; formulating strategies to keep RRHA competitive and poised to maximize resources; developing a course to implement strategies and design tools to assess the progress and results of the organization. The process also determined where RRHA is at present, where it wants to be in the future and most importantly, what actions it must take to get there.

The plan had the following major components:

  • Physical Needs Assessment -A detailed inspection of RRHA residential buildings by engineers to determine current physical conditions and costs for improvements
  • Stakeholder Meetings - Discussions with residents, partners, taxpayers and key stakeholders to obtain their input and recommendations regarding the future of public housing and neighborhood redevelopment.
  • Market study - An independent market study to determine housing needs, housing demands and provide an economic overview of the City of Richmond
  • Financial Plan – Development of financing options, incorporating public and private funds, to achieve the goals and strategies of the plan while maximizing the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (Virginia HUD office) and city resources.
  • Strategic Plan - A five-year strategic and implementation plan document.
Executive Director Hill- Christian shared, “Throughout the years, RRHA has had an effective partnership with residents, the City and HUD and others that has resulted in quality affordable housing, homeownership opportunities and neighborhood revitalization throughout Richmond. This strategic plan of action will create a more beneficial partnership for all and create a more effective Authority.”

EMG Corporation based in Hunt Valley, Maryland, as selected to develop the strategic plan and feasibility study. They are a national architectural and engineering consulting firm with 150 registered architects, professional engineers and environmental professionals.

EMG has completed similar studies in the last three years including efforts with Arlington County, Virginia and the Housing Authority of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the Housing Authority of the County of Clark, in Nevada. EMG partnered with the firms Organizational Destinations, and Housing-Solutions to assist with the project.

” This strategic planning project included the involvement of residents, business partners, civic leaders and employees to ensure a satisfactory completion,” Hill-Christian said, “It is a good investment in our agency and a wonderful opportunity for RRHA to become strategic about its business. Most importantly, this plan will allow RRHA to continue to make significant progress in providing quality affordable housing, developing safer communities, contributing to economic development and revitalizing the city of Richmond.”

The Five-Year Strategic Plan incorporates new affordable mixed-income, mixed-use communities along with family self-sufficiency and economic development opportunities for residents. The plan is built around four major goals – revitalized residential and commercial communities, economic opportunities, efficiency and fiscal responsibility and quality customer service.

The plan includes 16 objectives, 26 initiatives and performance measures that address the Authority’s vision of being an innovative leader creating dynamic partnerships that build vibrant communities and the mission of being the catalyst for quality housing and community revitalization.

Click here to view an Executive Summary of the RRHA Strategic Plan – Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Values, Goals, and Objectives and Phase I initiatives.


RRHA is moving the plan forward with the identification of six projects for the first phase of the plan for 2006 and 2007. They are:

RRHA has now identified six projects for the first phase of the plan for 2006 and 2007.
They are:

A Workforce Housing Program through which RRHA will sell 130 single-family public housing units creating homeownership opportunities for eligible public housing families and others;

Infill Lot Sales where RRHA will sell small parcels of land which will generate resources for affordable housing initiatives;

The RRHA loan portfolio which will be reviewed to explore the sale or reassignment of the Authority’s existing loan portfolio to generate revenue to be utilized for affordable housing initiatives;

Redeveloping a small public housing development, Dove Court, whereby RRHA will secure a development partner to assist in the redevelopment of a small public housing complex utilizing demolition and reconstruction to build a mixed-income, mixed-use community in tandem with the city of Richmond’s Dove Street Redevelopment Study;

Totally modernizing select public housing developments – Bainbridge and Stovall Place Apartments- by completely renovating these existing public housing communities and;

Selling a small residential building to upgrade housing for its senior residents while generating revenue for other affordable housing efforts.

Jackson Place to sell the parcels/property for market- rate.

” These initiatives reflect our concentration and focus on being strategic with our resources and assets to bring quality affordable housing and vibrant, mixed-income, mixed-use neighborhoods to the city of Richmond. RRHA staff will be working side-by- side with our residents, the Mayor’s Interagency Task Force for Community Infrastructure, Richmond City Council, the City of Richmond and other partners to successfully implement these projects”, stated Hill-Christian. She continued, “This is an exciting time for RRHA, our communities and this city, and we are up to the task!”

Resident Meetings Scheduled---
As part of the planning process, RRHA will hold a series of meetings in the affected RRHA communities. Meetings will be held:

Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. at the Overby Sheppard School, 2300 First Avenue in the Dove Court community to discuss the city of Richmond’s Dove Street Redevelopment Study and public housing redevelopment;

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. at the 700 S.Lombardy Apartment Community Room to discuss new housing options for the residents and the sale of the building;

Thursday, April 13, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. at 700 S. Lombardy Avenue to discuss the Workforce Housing Program;

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. at 1611 4th Avenue building to discuss the Workforce Housing Program; and

Thursday, May 4, 2006 at 6:00 p.m. at Fox Manor, 18-A West 27th Street to discuss the modernization of Bainbridge and Stovall Place Apartments.

RRHA will provide information and discuss the development of operational plans for the implementation of the Phase 1 initiatives.

The RRHA Strategic Plan was developed during 2005 with the input of more than 1,100 individuals – public housing tenants, city residents, RRHA staff, community leaders, businesses, educators, other stakeholders and other interested citizens. Some 50 meetings were held during the process with the plan being formally introduced in June 2005.

”Our strategic planning process provided valuable information for RRHA. Our assessments and market studies have given us a database and the foundation for sound financial and operational planning,” shared Hill-Christian. She continued, “Our residents and stakeholders also shared their vision for the future which included communities that provide a mix of housing types and services, communities that are safe, diverse and offer an improved quality of life for their children and families. We are prepared to move forward to make that vision a reality.”

If additional information is needed, contact RRHA at info@rrha.com or call (804)780-4344 /TTY - Dial 711. If additional information is needed, contact RRHA at info@rrha.com or call (804)780-4344 / TTY - Dial 711

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